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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Dr. Aaronson Reflects on Those Affected By the Pandemic-- All of Us. What We Can Do.

Each day shows new cases reported since the previous day. Models predicted this might happen. Read my previous blog to learn more.

That said,


Let's wonder how we have been affected by the pandemic and what we can and cannot do about it.

Watch Well I Wonder on YouTube sung by Jan Romina

Well, I wonder...

Do you hear me when you sleep?

I hoarsely cry!


Well, I wonder

Do you see me when we pass?

I half die...


Please keep me in mind.

Please keep me in mind!!!

GASPING - but somehow still alive.

This is the FIERCE last stand of all I am.

Gasping - dying - but somehow still alive.

This is the final stand of all I am.

Please keep "me" in mind.

Well, I wonder

Well, I wonder

Please keep "me" in mind.

Keep "me" in mind.

Keep "me" in mind.

Songwriters: Steven Morrissey / Johnny Marr

Dr. Aaronson surrounded by telehealth screens monitoring and caring for patients affected by the pandemic.

All that said, please consider getting the coronavirus vaccine when approved by the FDA.

Learn more about the Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine from the CDC.