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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Beatrice Dialysis Unit Ranks First Taking Care of Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease

This certificate is awarded to Beatrice Dialysis in Beatrice, Nebraska in recognition of achieving the first Quartile Leaderboard: May 2020

Beatrice Dialysis has been recognized as having been placed in the top 15% of units nationwide. Dr. Michael Aaronson, who is part of the team and currently follows the patients there, has decided to opine:

Dr. Michael Aaronson: Board Certified Nephrologist: The pleasure, the privilege is mine -- Morrissey  on Youtube.

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out...

In summary: Michael Aaronson, Nephrologist / Kidney Doctor and High Blood pressure specialist, who sees the kidney dialysis patients at Beatrice in Nebraska is part of a team recognized for achieving very high-quality scores suggesting the patients at Beatrice Dialysis are getting world-class care.

Dr. Michael Aaronson