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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Feeling Socially Isolated From Social Distancing, Consider Relax Listening and Perhaps Something More.

Marconi Union's 10-hour anti-anxiety song  Weightless is available on YouTube
Are you feeling socially isolated from socially distancing yourself? Are you in self-isolation for 2 weeks waiting to rid yourself of that pesky coronavirus? Consider listening to Marconi Union's anti-anxiety song Weightless to help get you through. I'm using it at night instead of white noise to help me get a good night's sleep. Some people I know are listening to this song during the day to help alleviate anxiety.

Want something upbeat? Add Your Arsenal to your arsenal. Listen to Glamorous Glue -- Morrissey on YouTube.

Morrissey: Your Arsenal
Third week with "the Jar"
You find
Everything dies -- Morrissey

Want access to the best list of relaxing songs available today? Check out myNoise on YouTube.  Created by Dr. Ir. St├ęphane Pigeon, it's the greatest collection of sound to focus, relax, and sleep out there.

Please note: there are other ways to help prevent anxiety and depression during these trying times while staying away from others. Be creative. An example: the Aaronson family opted to foster a puppy at risk and saved a life, read more.

The pleasure brought to the Aaronson Family: Morrissey's New Album I Am Not A Dog on a Chain. Dr. Aaronson and Family Save a Life.

Read more about social distancing during this coronavirus Covid-19 crisis: Dr. Aaronson Suggests Social Distancing to Prevent Coronavirus Spread.