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Monday, March 30, 2020

Dr. Aaronson Offers Telehealth and Curbside Options For Patients During Covid-19 Crisis

During the coronavirus crisis most insurance companies are offering Telemedicine services to accommodate the desperate need for patients to see their doctor while avoiding the risk of transmitting Covid-19.

Are you curious if you qualify to be seen using this modality? Please ask our front desk to see if you can be seen using this approach.

How does it work?

It is so easy! There are three ways to connect:
1. Use the web -- click here for the link to start a telehealth encounter.

Click here to go to our web page to start a telehealth call with Dr. Aaronson.

2. We can text you on your phone. The process is easy. No app installation is required.
3. We can email you to either your computer, tablet, or phone. No app installation is required.

For all the options you click on the link (any of the three above), and you are sent to the Welcome screen. Enter your name and you will be sent to the virtual waiting room.

Welcome to Dr. Aaronson's Telehealth waiting room.
Enter your name, check in, and you are all set.

Make sure your device has a camera, so we can see you.

There are many benefits of Telehealth:
- HIPAA compliant, so you have your privacy.
- The approach is fully encrypted. No one will be watching.
- After the doctor visit, you can securely chat through text with nursing.
- It doesn't matter if you have Android, Windows, or Apple products. This system works with everything. All you need is a web browser and a camera of course to be able to video chat.
- No travel time required to get to your telehealth appointment. Your nurse will be with you shortly followed by your doctor.

Please note: we are also offering curbside options. Many are covered using this modality if you don't want to come into the office.

Why is it so important to see your doctor and not postpone your visit?

I think postponing your appointment has risk and may be dangerous. If you are not experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, or are in quarantine, or are concerned about transmission, you might want to consider telehealth if it is an option. If your insurance company is not offering this service, you might want to call them and ask them why not.