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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Fitbit Allergic? Not Reading Right? Wear Around Ankle Securely Using Proven Method Demonstrated by Dr. Michael Aaronson.

Are you allergic to the Google Fitbit band? Do you find when you wear the device on your wrist your steps don't record accurately (for example when shopping and pushing a cart, are you getting credit for your steps)? Also, do you want to get "credit" for steps when you are riding your exercise bike (using setups such as Kinomap)?

Dr. Michael Aaronson shows you how to secure the Google Fitbit around your ankle, over your sock, using this proven method.

Importantly, you won't lose the device. It's secure. For this demonstration, I'm using the Google Fitbit Inspire, but all the devices should work in theory. Note, you will likely lose the heart rate functionality. You might consider using a Wahoo TIKR heart rate monitor as an alternative.

Let's go:

Necessary equipment: an additional large, bottom wristband is included in the box. Both the top and bottom wristbands are meant to be swapped when using the Google Fitbit on the wrist. For this setup, you want to attach both in order for the ankle attachment to be secure. See above how the 2 holes can be threaded using a Velcro strap that you will need to purchase to complete the connection.

Helpful hint: if you have a large ankle you may need two Velcro straps, connecting them together for extra length.

The next step is to thread the Velcro band through the wrist bands.

Which leg do I attach my Google Fitbit? The right. However, either leg will work.

"Have you seen him go, though?" Boy racer -- Morrissey on YouTube

Next step: crisscross the strap to attach the Google Fitbit securely to your ankle. See how it makes an "X"? You can tighten as much as you want. Don't cut off your circulation when you make the final connection. After losing a few Google Fitbits from faulty connections, I wanted a system that would not fail me. This step is the secret which keeps the device on your body. 
Helpful suggestion for Google: maybe include an ankle strap similar to the one above in the box? It may improve your market share versus your competitor the Apple Watch! ;-)

Finally, Velcro the strap together. The Google Fitbit fits perfectly. For clarity, the Inspire is on the right and the Velcroed strap is on the left. Congratulations! You are done!

I attach the strap every morning, disconnect in the evening, and charge the Fitbit at night. Once you get the hang of it, this connection takes no time at all to set up.

Other thoughts: some people want to use the Google Fitbit to record their sleep. This setup does successfully record sleep at night, if you wish to have that information.  I have had no bluetooth connection problems. It really works great and should be considered an option for those who have a Fitbit allergy or for those who have Fitbits that do not accurately record their steps when worn on the wrist.