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Monday, October 28, 2019

Dr. Michael Aaronson Receives Internal Medicine Board Certificate

Michael Lee Aaronson receives new Board of Internal Medicine Certificate,  dated 2019, after passing his recertification examination in Internal Medicine. 
Summarized,  personalized letter from Richard J.  BaronMD,  MACP,  President and CEO of The American Board of Internal Medicine to Michael L. Aaronson,  MD:

Dear Dr.  Aaronson,
Congratulations on earning your new certificate! It demonstrates to your peers and patients that you are keeping up with the latest medical knowledge and advances in care.

On behalf of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), thank you for all you do as an ABIM Board Certified physician.  Your time,  talent and dedication is what earned you this certificate.  We hope you will display yours proudly.

Richard J.  Baron,  MD,  MACP

Dr.  Aaronson replies: Thank you Dr.  Baron.  The pleasure - the privilege is mine!

About Michael Aaronson: Dr. Michael Aaronson, MD is a nephrology specialist in Lincoln, NE who specializes in the treatment of kidney disease and high blood pressure. The following has been said of Dr. Aaronson:

  • He explains conditions well. Patients said this doctor is a great communicator. 
  • His clinic and hospital satisfaction is excellent. 
  • Patients said they were highly satisfied with this doctor's quality of care.