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    Michael L. Aaronson, MD
    Kidney Doctor and High Blood Pressure Specialist
    7401 O Street Lincoln, NE 68510
    Phone: 402-484-5600

    Saturday, April 27, 2019

    Follow Michael Aaronson on Zwift

    Dr. Michael Aaronson believes in a healthy you! He has joined Zwift to get healthier, upgrading his exercise regimen from the 10 dollar pedometer/ 10,000 steps a day paradigm.

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    Feel free to follow his progress on Zwift and/or run and/or ride your bike with him. How do you do it? What's the easiest way to follow Dr. Aaronson on Zwift?

    I think the easiest way is to download the Zwift companion app:
    Click on the "hamburger" in the upper left hand corner and select "Find Zwifters."

    Type in: "Michael Aaronson." Select his name, and you are done!
    "Why don't you find out for yourself?" -- Morrissey, Rockabilly Version
    Interested in cost effective ways to use their product? Stay tuned. I'm going to facilitate. I am interested in your health and well being without breaking the bank.
    There's a place in the sun for anyone who has the will to chase one, and I think I found mine. Yes, I do believe I have found mine. -- Morrissey

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