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    Sunday, August 11, 2019

    Check out our Personal Blog! It's Free!

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    Sunday, June 2, 2019

    Riding Indoors and Staying Motivated: Zwift Goal Attainment Tips and Tricks

    Without Zwift, Rouvy, or TrainerRoad, it can be difficult to stay motivated riding indoors when your view is a concrete wall.
    Today I'll explain the methods I use to stay motivated while exercising indoors using my bike, Zwift, TrainerRoad, and Rouvy.

    Monday, May 27, 2019

    What is FTP in Biking? How Can it be Used as a Guide to Improve Fitness?

    Dr. Aaronson bikes in Rouvy. Notice that he is riding at 80% of his FTP, functional threshold power. Read more to learn about Functional threshold power.

    After biking in Zwift for some time, I decided I wanted to maximize my fitness goals. There are so many options out there for fitness enthusiasts. Let's discuss my preferred setup to maximize fitness and minimize boredom.

    Saturday, May 4, 2019

    Bike Quietly and Save Space on Zwift with Power Pedals. Use Biofeedback to Workout

    Dr. Aaronson biking up a mountain in Zwift. Notice how he is generating 113 watts of power (upper left) but only biking at 4 miles per hour. Why? It takes power to ride up a mountain. Zwift correctly interprets the power you generate to interact with the program and respond accordingly. Notice at 12 o'clock: Dr. Aaronson is biking at an elevation of 212 feet.
    After successfully setting up running on Zwift on Android, I decided to invest more in the program and set up biking. After extensive research and time, I learned there are several ways to set up Zwift with biking, given the compatibility options available to the consumer.

    Sunday, April 28, 2019

    Using Zwift for Android You can Chromecast to Your Television for the Big Screen experience

    With your Android device you can chromecast to your television and enjoy a big screen experience.
    Full disclosure: when I Zwift, I like the smaller Android phone screen and the smaller footprint of the Android Zwift companion app. That said, some like to immerse themselves in the virtual reality of Zwift using a larger TV to enjoy a more realistic experience. Can only those with Apple television enjoy such luxury? Do you have to spend the big bucks to do this? The answer is no, you do not.

    Today's blog by Dr. Michael Aaronson will show you how to chromecast your Android screen to a chromecast device and enjoy your run / biking experience on the television. Just for the sake of comparison: The Google chromecast is 35 dollars. The lower cost Apple TV in 4K is 179 dollars.
    "The rich must profit and get richer. And the poor must stay poor. Oh no, you poor little fool - oh no, you fool." -- Morrissey 
    Once you have Zwift set up and working, connecting to a television using a chromecast is easy. Here is how to do it:

    • Download the Google home app.
    • Make sure your chromecast is correctly connected to your phone and to your television. Make sure everything is in sync.
      • If you have more than 1 chromecast, you want to make sure you connect to the right television. In this case, we will connect to Dr. Aaronson's office TV:
    • Next click "Mirror device." It is the 4th choice down.

    • You may now enjoy the experience of using your TV to use Zwift as shown above and here:

    • Yes, it is that easy. Both sound and video is cast via chromecast to the Television.
    • When done please remember to disconnect your device from the chromecast.