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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Dr. Aaronson Shot Down Covid 19 at Bryan Medical Center in Lincoln Nebraska


Dr. Aaronson Shot Down Covid-19 at Bryan Medical Center

He receives second vaccine in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dr. Aaronson opines: "One sweet day! An emotional whirl..." Morrissey Live on YouTube

"And I've never felt so alive

in the whole of my life...

Free yourself. Be yourself...

At last! Your life begins..."

Monday, January 4, 2021

Dr. Aaronson and Beatrice Dialysis Rated a 5-Star Center By CMS!

Dr. Aaronson and Beatrice Dialysis Rated by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) a five-star center!

The Star rating is for quality of patient care and/or patient experience. 

"The quality rating compares dialysis facilities on important indicators of quality, like how well they avoid unnecessary transfusions and hospital admissions. The quality rating shows how well each dialysis facility delivers care compared to the national average."

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Dr. Aaronson Receives Covid-19 Virus Vaccine at Bryan East. #stop_the_pandemic


Thank you for keeping us safe during the coronavirus / covid-19 pandemic. From PPE (personal protective equipment) to the vaccine to extra staff, you have have done all you can to keep us safe. Now you can feel safer as we work to get the community vaccinated.
Thank you, Bryan Health for keeping us safe during the coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic. From PPE (personal protective equipment) to the vaccine to extra staff, you have done all you can!

Next step: work to get the community vaccinated!

Dr. Aaronson opines his thoughts post receiving the COVID-19 vaccine: "I sit and I smile and I say well done!" -- Morrissey The Girl Least Likely To, Live on YouTube 

THANK YOU! AND God BLESS YOU, Bryan Medical Center! #grateful 

#hospitals and clinics _become_safer_with_ first_responders_vaccinated

Thank you Pfizer for providing such great science! 

Friendly suggestion: please continue to wear your mask and social distance. #we_are_in_this_together!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Dr. Aaronson Reflects on Those Affected By the Pandemic-- All of Us. What We Can Do.

Each day shows new cases reported since the previous day. Models predicted this might happen. Read my previous blog to learn more.

That said,


Let's wonder how we have been affected by the pandemic and what we can and cannot do about it.

Watch Well I Wonder on YouTube sung by Jan Romina

Well, I wonder...

Do you hear me when you sleep?

I hoarsely cry!


Well, I wonder

Do you see me when we pass?

I half die...


Please keep me in mind.

Please keep me in mind!!!

GASPING - but somehow still alive.

This is the FIERCE last stand of all I am.

Gasping - dying - but somehow still alive.

This is the final stand of all I am.

Please keep "me" in mind.

Well, I wonder

Well, I wonder

Please keep "me" in mind.

Keep "me" in mind.

Keep "me" in mind.

Songwriters: Steven Morrissey / Johnny Marr

Dr. Aaronson surrounded by telehealth screens monitoring and caring for patients affected by the pandemic.

All that said, please consider getting the coronavirus vaccine when approved by the FDA.

Learn more about the Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine from the CDC.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Dr. Michael Aaronson FEATURED in the Nebraska Medical Association Membership Directory 2020


Enjoy access to this valuable resource:
The Nebraska Medical Association Membership Directory, 2020 version is available here, for your consideration.

Notable features of the resource: 

  1. Dr. Aaronson is listed by City.
  2. Dr. Aaronson is listed by Last Name.
  3. A Search Field is available.
  4. A Table of Contents is provided.


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Dr. Aaronson's Must Not Miss: Additional Benefits of the SGLT2 Inhibitors and Treating Diabetes 6.12.2020

Start in the center and read like a clock, starting at 1 o'clock and ending at 11.
What are 2 additional benefits of the SGLT2 inhibitors?

What are 2 additional benefits of the SGLT2 inhibitors in addition to blood sugar control?

Note: your primary provider or endocrinologist will prescribe these medications for you. We nephrologists collaborate with your team to help prevent worsening chronic kidney disease. It's important to know the different providers' roles in the management of your care.
In patients with diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease, medications in the SGLT2 (Sodium-glucose Cotransporter-2) class of medications, medications that include dapagliflozin (also called Farxiga), empagliflozin (also called Jardiance), and Canagliflozin (also called Invokana) can provide 2 additional benefits besides sugar control. These benefits include:

  1. Weight loss: patients can excrete up to 100 grams of glucose per day in the urine. That amount equates to around 300 calories a day of sugar. That's equivalent to around 2 cans of soda pop.
  2. The SGLT2 inhibitors decrease the risk of kidney disease and protect patients against acute kidney injury in the future.

When tolerated, the SGLT2 inhibitors are frequently combined with metformin. If you have more interest in this modality of therapy, ask your doctor for more information.

Recommended reading: SGLT2 inhibitors for the prevention of kidney failure in patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Beatrice Dialysis Unit Ranks First Taking Care of Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease

This certificate is awarded to Beatrice Dialysis in Beatrice, Nebraska in recognition of achieving the first Quartile Leaderboard: May 2020

Beatrice Dialysis has been recognized as having been placed in the top 15% of units nationwide. Dr. Michael Aaronson, who is part of the team and currently follows the patients there, has decided to opine:

Dr. Michael Aaronson: Board Certified Nephrologist: The pleasure, the privilege is mine -- Morrissey  on Youtube.

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out...

In summary: Michael Aaronson, Nephrologist / Kidney Doctor and High Blood pressure specialist, who sees the kidney dialysis patients at Beatrice in Nebraska is part of a team recognized for achieving very high-quality scores suggesting the patients at Beatrice Dialysis are getting world-class care.

Dr. Michael Aaronson

Monday, May 18, 2020

I'm I Still Ill? Dr. Michael Aaronson Recommends Preventing the Spread of Covid-19 by Wearing a Mask in Public Places

The risk of transmission of Covid-19 from one person to another: the novel coronavirus is rarely transmitted from person to person when all parties wear a mask. This very low risk of transmission includes the case where a person who has Covid-19 is close to someone who does not have it.

Ask me why (sans mask), and I'll die. Ask me why, and I'll die. And if you must.... Go to work, tomorrow. [Just please remember to wear a mask.]
I'm I still ill? -- Morrissey on YouTube

Historians note: A recent study found that people are most contagious two days before they have symptoms. Another study indicated that if at least 80% of the population wore a mask, we could reduce the spread of COVID-19 by over 90%.

Dr. Aaronson suggests wearing a mask whilst in public to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the novel coronavirus.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Dr. Aaronson Gives Kudos To The University of Nebraska for Their Participation in Remdesivir Trial

The National Institute of Health study demonstrated that Remdesivir sped the recovery in patients with advanced coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

The first trial participant in the ACTT trial was an American who was repatriated after being quarantined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship that docked in Yokohama, Japan, and volunteered to participate in the study at the first study site, the University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medicine, in February 2020.

Morrissey: an oracle and "a reasonably good buy."

Interesting drug, the one that you took. Tell the truth! It really helped you, an interesting drug!

Morrissey An Interesting Drug Live on YouTube

Read more about the ACTT Remdesivir trial.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Dr. Aaronson Suggests Virtually Riding on Zwift with Shane Miller (GPLama) and Von to Mitigate Your Risk During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr. Michael Aaronson biking on Zwift. Screenshot taken May 3rd, 2020. Dr. Aaronson is currently at level 29 on Zwift. His goal is to achieve level 50. 
I insist on doing everything I can to stay healthy during this pandemic. I need to be cautious and try to mitigate my risk of developing Covid-19, so I can stay healthy and take care of the patients I serve. We can all try to do our best to stay healthy and avoid contracting the virus.

One strategy to defeat the virus is to get or stay motivated and exercise, trying to be as fit as you can. Why? Your chances are improved if you are in better shape, especially if you are at higher risk (see below). Said another way, if you get coronavirus there are ways to improve your chances of fighting the virus.

Some have argued that we may have at least 2 more years of this "new normal way of life (read more)."  Based on these articles, if at least 60-70% of the population needs to be infected (to achieve herd immunity) or an effective vaccine needs to be discovered and people immunized before we can go back to the way things were, I would suggest that you become as healthy as you can during this period of time through diet and exercise to improve your chances for survival. So if you, or when you, contract the disease, your chances of experiencing a mild case of Covid-19 are more likely than a severe one. I have been offering this generalized stay healthy advice for years, but now it is more important than ever.

This approach to indoor exercise is easier said than done. Getting and staying on a bike, that is, keeping motivated, is hard to do. The more ways we have to stay motivated and burn calories and work the cardiovascular system, the better off we are.

Here is what we know about who is at higher risk from the CDC, and I'll cut and paste the risk factors that are important to a kidney-based practice. However, and with that said, in general, if you have health problems, or you are older, you are at risk. Here is the list of what makes a person higher risk from a kidney perspective:

  • People 65 years and older
  • People with severe obesity (body mass index [BMI] of 40 or higher)
  • People with diabetes
  • People with chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis

What can a person do to try to mitigate or lessen their risk of getting very sick if they contract Covid-19? What am I doing? Well, what you might try, and what I'm doing, is exercising at home using interactive cycling software like Zwift, Rouvy, and Fulgaz. I am able to decrease exposure risk (I'm not around others). At the same time, I am trying to improve the risk factors that can be improved, namely, avoiding becoming overweight.

Said another way, you can't change your age. However, you can change your weight through exercise and diet. You can also maintain your weight using this strategy.

But Dr. Aaronson, I have Zwift, and I am still bored riding indoors. Yes, biking can be boring over time, regardless of how hard Zwift tries to challenge you, or how many gorgeous scenes Rouvy presents to you, or from a personal perspective, how many times Fulgaz reminds me of my recent trip to Australia.

Dr. Aaronson at the Moeraki Boulders. 

Dr. Aaronson with the Lazy Sunbathers -- Morrissey on YouTube in Australia.

So to help my biking experience without getting too technical, I have started having some "company" during my rides. While biking on Zwift, I like to watch Shane Miller and his wife, Von, from Australia livestream their Zwift rides on YouTube. I perform my ride either during their livestream or afterwards. (Given the time difference, I sometimes watch the recorded stream. Historians note: Dr. Aaronson is in Lincoln, Nebraska which is central time, so that's a 15-hour difference.)
I take the cue from
Certain people I know
I use the cue
And then I
Hand it on to you...
Certain People I Know Live -- Morrissey YouTube

If watching live, you can ask questions or comment to be part of the conversation. If you want to watch older episodes, they are available. If you prefer other platforms, Shane offers livestream options on Twitch or Facebook live.

Why does this work? Why not watch Netflix instead? Well, you can. But this approach is different in that it makes you feel like you are riding with people. It feels like discord (Zwift's online chatting app), but adds the visual component with less setup and is always there for you.

Sidebar: I have found this channel to be helpful learning how to navigate through Zwift and learn about hardware that works with the program. You also get to spend quality time with Shane Miller and his wife Von. They have a lovely family.

In conclusion, and to reiterate, you want to find ways to motivate yourself to keep yourself fit during this crisis. One way to stay motivated and add another dimension to your indoor biking experience is to watch Shane's Zwift livestream. It really does help pass the time.

Furthermore, if you are waiting for a trainer (there is currently a world-wide shortage), power pedals, or for cadence and speed sensors to arrive so that you can retrofit an older excise bike and are planning to join Zwift in the future, consider getting on that stationary bike now. You can turn on Shane's YouTube channel and start spinning. Once your devices get to your home, you can connect and really immerse yourself in the experience, but the time to get started is now.

How Soon is Now? -- Morrissey / The Smiths on YouTube.