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    Wednesday, March 13, 2019

    Michael Aaronson MD Featured in Journeys Magazine, Bryan Health

    Dr. Michael Aaronson has been featured as one of the New Faces at Bryan. He is being welcomed along with a group of physician colleagues to the Bryan medical community. An online version of Journeys Magazine (Spring, 2019, page 18) is available here.

    The information reads as follows:

    Friday, March 8, 2019

    What is the Risk of My Kidneys Failing Over the Next 5 Years? Should I be Concerned?

    The Kidney Failure Risk Equation 4 Variables
    Case presentation: A 68 year old male patient with chronic kidney disease stage 3 from diabetes mellitus type 2 presents to his primary care provider for a routine evaluation. His blood pressure is stable and controlled at 129/75. He has 345 milligrams of protein in his urine. He is on the ace inhibitor lisinopril to treat his high blood pressure. This gentleman lives in North America. The patient has a glomerular filtration rate of 42 (42 per cent of the patient's kidney function remains intact), so he has CKD 3 as stated above. Note: we consider starting people on kidney dialysis when they have 5 to 15 percent of their function remaining. So it appears that the patient has lots of time before he will need to start kidney dialysis because he needs to lose 38 percent of his function before he will be placed on renal replacement therapy. No worries, right? Or should we worry?

    The patient's primary doctor suggests this man go to the kidney specialist to get evaluated for his chronic kidney disease (CKD) and discuss strategies for prevention of worsening function. Is this a good idea?

    Saturday, March 2, 2019

    How Do I Remember to Take My Water Pills Correctly?

    Kidney Question from patient to Dr. M. Aaronson: 

    I am having trouble remembering to take my water pills, especially the ones I'm supposed to take in the afternoon. Do you have any advice for me?

    Michael Aaronson, MD, Kidney Doctor and Medical Health Blogger:

    One of the jobs of the kidneys is to retain water. If a patient is taking water pills (also called diuretics) to help rid the body of excess fluid, and that person forgets to take the diuretics at the prescribed time, there can be consequences. Forgetting to take your water pills may lead to a significant gain in water weight.

    Saturday, February 23, 2019

    Michael Aaronson, MD Blog Question: My Doc Wants Me Off Atenolol. Should I Switch My Blood Pressure Medication?

    Question submitted to Michael Aaronson, MD, Hypertension Specialist in Lincoln, Nebraska: My family practice doctor wants to take me off atenolol and switch me to another beta blocker to treat my blood pressure. I have been on atenolol for years and am doing fine. My blood pressure is great! Should I switch?

    Dr. Aaronson, Author of this Medical Blog: Thank you for submitting that question on using atenolol for the treatment of high blood pressure. I have been wanting to discuss this topic on my medical blog for some time. Atenolol, also known as Tenormin, is a commonly prescribed medication with 26,739,323 prescriptions written in 2016. If you add the diuretic combination atenolol with chlorthalidone to the mix, you can include 1,690,331 more scripts to the total.